Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Journey to NY

So much has happened.  So, so much has happened.  Much of it was documented on my GoFundMe page, but it seems one cannot scroll back and read prior updates--I felt my blog here would be a great location to transition my story.  But first, I am going to C&P what has happened, starting with our arrival in New York:
Well, we're here! New York, Britvecs. Britvecs, New York. 

I'm a bit jet-lagged and tired overall, but wanted to update that we've made it here safely. Mercifully, the cabin pressure I had been dreading turned out to be mostly a non-issue. I felt pressure behind my ears and eyes more than anything, although as the flight went on I felt some mild pain. Interestingly, take off didn't bother me nearly as much as landing, although again, it wasn't bad. (Pilot-friend told later told me descent is much faster and the pressure changes more sudden; perhaps that's why.) I just noticed the pressure and pain were more significant, tiptoeing into the "Hey, this is annoying" territory but thankfully not going any further. 

Coolest thing about the flight? A classmate of mine from high school was one of the pilots! Scott had already offered us his buddy passes so we could fly for next to nothing, and then when he checked his schedule he realized he was piloting a LAX-JFK flight on the day we were planning to leave. There were enough empty seats on the flight that we were able to get on it. Whoo hoo! We were given a row to ourselves, which really helped us stretch out in the cramped conditions. I was even able to lie down halfway and rest when I needed to. 

Mega-bonus for plane-loving Brian was Scott gave us a tour of the cockpit, even letting Bri sit in the pilot's seat for a bit. Bri, Captain Stoic, was outright giddy (well, in a Brian sort of way). I was so thrilled for him. I'll attach photos of him in his seat at the end of this update. 

My head is tender today, but not bad, so we have made it the goal to go to at least one sightseeing spot before coming back to rest in the hotel. Yesterday was a long day and pushing it is unwise for me--so I shall not push my limits. I'll just likely brush up against them. ;) 

One thing I really, really want to do is visit the two hospitals my then-fifth graders wrote letters to immediately after 9/11. They were addressed to injured firefighters and police as well as to the doctors assisting them. One of the hospitals wrote the class back and said they were making a display of all the letters children of the United States were sending, and ever since, I've wanted to be able to see them. I know it's a shot in the dark, but I'll regret it if I don't at least try. 

I confess I have had cold feet as the surgery date approaches, doubting myself, doubting everything. But I am so exceedingly grateful for the Chiari community--one, who had surgery just four days ago, called me and was a tremendous encouragement. She said, repeatedly, that I was going to feel so much better. I can't imagine it--although, admittedly, part of me is afraid to imagine it because I fear being let down. But there is so much encouragement coming in, from friends, family, other patients of Dr. B, I'm becoming cautiously hopeful. 

Another former patient of Dr. B's is picking us up in a few to take us into the city (wonderful to have someone who knows the city help us navigate it!), so you can see, the Chiari community is taking good care of us. <3 

Thank you all once again for your continued support, in all its forms: prayers, donations, scheduling meals delivered to our home so my mother won't need to worry about cooking, providing meal giftcards for us while we're here in NY, and all the encouraging words via text, email, Facebook...the outpouring is absolutely beautiful. 

Much gratitude, much love.

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