Monday, December 1, 2014

GoFundMe, Friends, Family, Gratitude

I have amazing friends.

One of them, Kristy Boxberger, set up a GoFundMe page for me so others could hear of my story, share, and donate if they were able. I wanted to be sure and share it here, just in case, you know, stuff.

Here is a link to the GoFundMe page she set up for me.

Y'all are amazing.  Seriously.  "Thanks" does not begin to describe the depth of my gratitude.

And now, speaking of giving thanks, here are a couple of pics from Thanksgiving Day 2014. These definitely capture the spirit of Britvec Normal.

Just about the only kind of selfie I make, because the photobombers are so cute
The beach is a pretty awesome place for Thanksgiving morning...even if seconds after hubby took this pic, big bro came up to us complaining little bro was throwing sand. Again.  
I swear, hubby smiles.  We joke he's like Agent Mulder--this exchange from the X-Files movie is the only thing I remember about it because it perfectly describes stonefaced (but handsomely so) hubby: "You were scared! You had your scared face!" "What?! This is my scared face!" :::completely expressionless:::  "THAT'S IT! That's the face you made!"

I feel awkward and embarrassed sharing this, but realized if this were a good friend of mine, I'd be sharing the GoFundMe link to support them.  So...I'm being a good friend to myself.

And so,'s a picture of my eldest drying off ever-tolerant and patient Firefly yesterday before putting her rain sheet on, because, CUTE.
He said to show this to his dad, saying, "Look! He found a green horse!" Thus his facial expression. Firefly's expression says, "Whatever. Just feed me when you're done."