Friday, July 12, 2013

House shopping photo and description WTF?s

While I'm on the topic of buying horse property, I have to vent my WTF??s at some of the photo choices--and wording choices--realtors put on their online ads for a property. Because, seeeeriously.

I find that some realtors are inexperienced with selling, and thus marketing, horse property.  It's not uncommon for the only horse-related photos of the property to be a zoomed in shot of the horse on site.  Not the barn stalls, paddocks, pipe corral, tack room, hay storage, water and electric hook-ups--just the horse.  Um...yes, he's cute, but he's not coming with the property--show us something, I dunno, USEful to us, eh?

Then there are some that swing the pendulum this way.
Look!  Bedding and we even provided...uh...moss? Mold? Styrofoam mountain? Easter grass?
Seriously, WTF?  All the things they could show us, and they went for the floor of the stall?  Which MIGHT make sense if it was showing stall mats throughout or something, but...uh??

(At least this place showed the barn and the rafters, as well as the arena.  Not the fencing, water supply, tack room, or feed room, but at least evidence there is a place to keep a horse here.)

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