Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'd forgotten this

A few days after we brought Firefly home, I was typing a post about her on a horsey message board.  While I was typing, my eldest interrupted me with a heartbreaking exchange I recorded in the post.

"Eldest son just walked in the room with me, crying. While trying to take a nap, he started thinking about Ferrana, and how we were able to get Firefly back--but will never get Ferrana back. I listened to him, talked to him, then turned on one of his favorite TV shows as a quiet distraction (he is a very sensitive sort, and when upset like this can get a bit stuck and needs redirecting). It just ended, and he turned to me (as I'm typing this, no less) and said, 'I wish Ferrana were still alive.' Such a sweet soul. 

He did love that mare.  Me too. She took good care of him

It makes having Firefly back all the more beautiful."

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